Cooking con Amore

A Journey designed with You in Mind

NOT just another cooking course, but a Journey - A Celebration of Food, Love & Connection.

Has Cooking & meal times become another chore on your list?

Let's go back to basics & reconnect to Real Food, and the simple pleasures of life.


A celebration of Food Love & Connection

How to Master the Simple Art of Italian Inspired Cooking in less then 20 minutes without even growing up with an Italian Grandmother...

The first thing I want to mention is that if you have failed at cooking in the past, it is not your fault. There is a lot of information out there and it can be very confusing. Many times, that information overload is what is keeping you from succeeding, but it's ok.

If you have been concerned in the past that you just can't seem to master the Simple Art of Cooking, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this, you just need the right person to show you how.

The food industry wants you to think that preparing meals that are real, authentic, and full of flavour is very difficult and requires years of training or being gifted with the magic skill for cooking, but I am here to tell you that they are wrong. They just want you to keep buying their "ready to go products in a box". 

The difference with me is that I actually care about your success, because I know and trust that the ripple effect starts with us. One person that takes on small changes, creating more real food, more connection around the dinner table, can impact many lives, and create that ripple of love for the family, and the world.

I am here to inspire you to make it happen!

If this sounds like you, YOU'RE absolutely not alone

What's Included in Cooking con Amore...

Access to more than 40 Recipe Videos

Printable PDF for each Recipe

Educational Videos with Tips & Strategies to make Home Cooking simple

Connection, what it is, why we need it & how to create more - Interview with Natajsa Wagner, Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach, talking about  

Come with me to Italy on a virtual tour of the Real Italy - Discover the hidden gems away from the touristic lights. Meet the locals who produce the best foods & wines. An experience you don't want to miss.

A supportive Community where we can support each other in a safe environment


Are you ready to join me &

embrace a new concept of cooking?

Spend less time in the kitchen & enjoy life more?

This course is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed and stressed by dinner time
  • You are ready to feel inspired and create recipes that are simple and delicious
  • You are ready to feel empowered in being in control of which ingredients go in your meals, instead of relying on take away
  • You are ready to let go of meal plans created by others that don't quite fit in with your lifestyle or food choices... and create meals you love instead... did I say it is EASY?
  • You are ready to have 'rea​dy to go' mea​​​​​ls in your freezer, for those times when you are tired, stressed and just can't think
  • You want to join a community of people who want to reconnect with Real Food, Enjoy Life, Feeling healthier without the boredom of Diets - Embrace a lifestyle that supports you in creating the life you desire... you are worth it!
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    OR you are just ready to ditch stress, perfectionism and overwhelm, but you want to embrace simplicity, organisation and feel empowered, inspired, healthier and vibrant. 
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    Spend less time slaving and stressing out in the kitchen, but focusing on enjoying your meals, while creating more connection around the dinner table.  

Cooking con Amore

Over 40 recipes of soul food made easy

Batch cooking, quick dinners, healthy snacks, dessert (healthy & cheeky) - of course Italian Inspired

Educational videos

Expert Interviews

Quality of food, embracing imperfection & simplicity, inspiration & creation, organisation to sustain ease & flow

Join me on a virtual tour to Italy - how good is that?

PLUS a private Facebook group with AMAZING WOMEN!!

Join at Launch Price - For a Limited Time only 


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- Feel free to Join 100% Risk Free with our 7 Days (no questions asked) Refund Policy

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Hi! I'm Sara

I found myself with a baby & a toddler, lots of sleepless nights, lots of breastfeeding, my family overseas and my husband working away. I had days where I had to repeat to myself that I COULD DO IT so many times, I felt like I was going mental. I slowly went from tired to sick and I had no idea how I would make it.

Then, one day I had a Skype call with my mum and my grandma from Italy, I wanted to be strong but I couldn’t help the tears… My NONNA said to me “Remember when you got sick when you were a child, I used to make you broth? Cook a big batch, freeze portions and have it every day. Give it to the kids. You must eat & eat well”…

Ahhh Granda's wisdom turned things around!!!

Some of our Cooking con Amore Success Stories...


This program changed my life in the kitchen, in the way I approach cooking. I'd always considered it a task. I would often come home & would opt for take away. Cooking con Amore has simplified healthy, wholesome meals that are easy to make and absolutely delicious. Until now, cooking had always intimidated me.

I have learnt that cooking delicious healthy food doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. 

I have learnt the importance of fresh ingredients & simplifying meals to get the most out of the ingredients you are using.

Zoe Garret


I used to think that Italian Cooking was so complicated, but these recipes were so easy to follow and recreate. What I really love about "Cooking con Amore" is that I don't need any fancy ingredient to cook those delicious meals. 

Marina Meier 


"Cooking con Amore" is so much more than beautiful recipes and cooking lessons, it is a way of life lesson. Sara brings her heart into your home and shows you how her own struggles as a new mum led her to find her life’s passion and reconnect with her heritage and the women who came before her.  I loved every moment of this course and I think you will find the experts featured addition a beautiful informative surprise!

I can highly recommend this course and hope you too take the journey with Sara and find love in the art of cooking and connecting.”

Sara Kay

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